Choosing to rest

This morning I read an exert from my favourite book, “Keep a Quiet Heart” by Elisabeth Elliot. She writes:

“Stillness. Perfect stillness. It is a very great gift, not always available to those who would most appreciate it and would find joy in it, and often not appreciated by those who have it but are uncomfortable with it”

That’s me, the second part. When I have that stillness, I’m not comfortable with it for too long. I’m sure all of the busy moms out there are rolling their eyes 😉

In the past couple of weeks I know God has been teaching me through His Word the importance of being still and knowing that He is God (Psalm 46). But the problem is I’m stubborn. When I’m finished my work, I’m always looking for something more. Something to do and people to see. Something to inspire me. Another project to work on, the perfect job for the future – anything! My mind has not been at rest as I search and search and search for things to fill and satisfy me.

About a week ago I hurt my ear and had to take antibiotics. Not that I’m dying, and I know that there are much worse things out there, but that infection caused me to literally have to be still. I had to stay in, and I couldn’t really do much. Plans had to be cancelled and I felt bored out of my mind. Not that I think that God was punishing me, but I really do believe He used this situation to teach me what it means to be still, rest in Him, and find joy in HIS presence – not in things.

This morning, I also read another exert from Elisabeth Elliot. She writes:

“A quiet heart is content with what God gives. It is enough. Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup. Every assignment is measured and controlled for my eternal good. My assignment entails my willing acceptance of my portion.”

I read that knowing that I was heading to the doctor’s office to do a follow up appointment on my ear, and was ready for whatever the day would bring.

Long story short, I’m back on another round of medication, the infection is still there, and the specialist I saw…well, let’s just say that the title “specialist” has been given to him VERY generously.

I left that office feeling discouraged and annoyed. But then I was reminded of the words that Elisabeth Elliot wrote. Words that filled me with so much peace this morning before I had to step outside of the house. Words that I’m realizing I need to choose to believe, because that mind set doesn’t come easy.

Each day is so different and uncertain – but at least we know that we can REST in knowing that our Father is in control. The stillness He offers to us is a precious gift, and whatever portion and assignment He has given us this day is one that we know we can handle because He goes before us. Rest in that.

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