1 week

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve returned to Zambia. Spending the month back home in Canada was a wonderful whirlwind! The weather was nice, cool and crisp, I was able to spend much time with friends and family, and I had opportunities to share about the work I have been able to do this past year with VOH. I was invited to speimg_2124ak at the seniors group at my church, share at a ladies Bible study, and the highlight was speaking at my former schools’ chapel. It was such a privilege to be invited to share about what God is doing at all of our VOH locations, and to be prayed over as I returned back to Zambia. Thank you to all of you who took the time to meet with me, pray for me, and encourage me as I move forward!

Now Zambia…Oh boy is it hot. I’m already about 3 shades darker and my feet are orange everyday because of the dirt. I am going through deodorant at a faster speed then I’d like. It feels a bit like a desert –donut dry. Thankfully there is always a bit of a breeze. Every time I return to Zambia, I am usually approached by someone to let me know that I have gotten fat. Just today, I was told “Ah Maleesa, you have gotten nice and fat!” This happened when I was trying to buy a donut from our little shop at the village. As I put my money away, I assured them that it must be the heat that is making me swollen, right? I decided that maybe today wasn’t the best day to buy a donut, so I walked back to the office. Anyways, that feeling only lasted for about 10 minutes before I ended up getting one. Treat yo self.


It’s been great being back in the classroom as well. I missed those little cuties, and we were all excited to see each other. At the end of every class we play a game of 7up and man, it gets heated. People are cheating, and people are calling each other out because they had their eyes open – it’s so much fun.

The best part of all is Lawren (aka my special friend) is here with me. He’ll be staying until mid December. Already a week in, and it’s been so much fun to show him my life here, and serve together. He is working on a landscaping project at our Chongwe village…in this crazy heat. I’m img_2243not jealous at all.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for my last chunk of time here in Zambia!

4 thoughts on “1 week

  1. You made my morning reading this! You eat that donut and if you don’t I will 😉 Keep well and sending you lots of love always.


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