That’s so…interesting!

That’s so…interesting!

This has become my response for almost everything lately. I just realized the other day that I say this phrase all the time now. I usually say it when I just don’t know what to say about the situation – does that give you a glimpse of what my time here has been like?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I really do enjoy my time here in Lusaka, and Zambia as a whole. Zambians are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Always smiling and asking how you’re doing. I love where I live, the friends that I work with, the kids that I get to see and I love working as the VOH administrator. I’m learning new things everyday – really. I think it’s the first time in a while where I am really being stretched, work wise and just everyday life wise!

About a week ago I spent 4 days in Mongu, the western province of Zambia. The day we arrived we went to fill up the truck with fuel right away, because outside of Mongu the closest gas station is 110km away. We went to all 4 gas stations that Mongu has and everywhere was out of diesel. That’s so interesting! Then, we thought we would go grab some groceries at the one grocery store to kill time while the VOH director was figuring out the fuel situation for us. We got to the grocery store and there was a crowd of people outside because the power was out – and they had no diesel to fuel their generator, go figure! This isn’t too shocking to see, and we just laughed as we drove past. Eventually things worked out like they almost always do in the craziest of ways, and we got our fuel and groceries. Nancy and I talked a lot about how you just need to laugh or else you’ll make yourself crazy…so we laughed a lot during those 4 days.

Back in Lusaka. I was innocently hanging my laundry to dry when a cat ran past me. Now, I have been told by my little neighbour friends that the orange cat that roams around is very mean – and this was the first time I saw it. On the outside of my house, there is a square hole that opens to under the bathtub, where pipes from outside run through. The cat ran past me and went into that hole. Are you kidding me? But, in that moment it all made sense. For weeks now when I was in my bathroom I would randomly hear a squeal or cry. For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out – but it all made sense now. That stinkin’ cat had been living in that hole under my bathtub. Gross. The security guard came and got the cat out, and as it ran away my little neighbour friends came running to tell me that they always see the cat run in that hole! The next day they patched up the hole – looking good 😉


I was at a printing place today making some booklets for a VOH meeting we’ll be having with all of the villages soon. I waited my turn, worked with the guy to print my stuff, and had a group of men complaining that I was taking too long – haha sorry sirs! While I was putting the booklets together, I met a lady from church and we were just talking about life. We were laughing about how every day is like a sensory overload – so many people and things going on. It’s not like you can every really put your finger on it. It’s not like there’s something wrong or bad, it’s just a typical Zambian day she said. I couldn’t agree more!

All in all, being here in Zambia has kept me on my toes. Every day is a new adventure. Adventures that mostly make me laugh, usually make me pray for patience and sometimes, just sometimes make me want to cry.

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