A lot can happen in a week…

Since my last post, a lot has changed. Thanks for those of you who emailed me, laughing at my standard driving experience! It sounded like I provided some entertainment for most of you, and it was nice to know that I wasn’t alone – that everything that happened to me was pretty normal for a first time standard driver.

Well, if you had told me a week ago that in a weeks time I would be driving to the village, and driving throughout Lusaka running errands I would never have believed you. But guys, it’s happening! The staff at the Village of Hope have been so accommodating. Someone usually meets me at my house in the morning, and sits in the passenger seat while I drive to the village. At first, that person was coming to my house and driving the truck for me. They would usually stop closer to the village and I would drive the rest of the way. One night, heading back to Lusaka, my friend told me to drive the first little bit home and then he would take over. So halfway home I said to him “ok, it’s your turn” and he just kept saying “no no, you keep going”. I ended up driving all the way home! That’s a 45 minute drive, and 3 round abouts, and my friend continually saying “you must lose that fear!”.

I got home and felt so LIBERATED! As if I just drove all the way home! That’s all it took…from that point on he always makes me drive. I guess when you are forced to do something, that’s when you learn best – well, in my case anyway. Now I have been able to drive to get groceries all alone, and will be driving to check out a new church on Sunday.

This morning as I drove to the village I was filled with so much thanks to our God. I’m not able to drive that truck because I’M really good at it (sometimes the truck jerks like you wouldn’t believe when I shift gears), but only because God has equipped me. I was reminded again this morning that because He has called me to this place, this position, this life, He will (and has) equip me with everything I need. The skills I need to do the job well, and the confidence I need to drive that car free of fear (still working on that a bit). All I can do is thank God for all that He has done, and how He has helped me so much. And all I can do is continue to lean on him every single day – because without Him I am nothing.

I’m not telling you this story for you to pat me on the back for learning how to drive that truck. I’m sharing this story with you to remind you all of how GREAT our God is. I love that He is acquainted with our every little thought, fear and worry we have. And I love that we can go to Him for what might seem like the silliest of requests, and He promises to listen. Honestly, at first when I asked God to help me drive that truck, I felt kind of dumb asking Him. Almost thinking that the request wasn’t that important. But leaning on Him day by day, asking Him to put His confidence in me, asking Him to equip me and asking Him to strengthen me has reminded me that He is big and I am small.

Be reminded of that today, ok? Whatever you are facing that is hindering you – give it to God. Ask Him to help you. Ask Him to fill you with His peace. Ask Him to strengthen you when you are feeling weak. He’s right there, and He’s listening.

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