“…for if it is well with the city, it will be well with you”

I was on Instagram the other day, and came across this post from Bethel Music:

c4991359bb4f03182066c7ce2c2f084e“Work for the well-being of the city where I have sent you. And pray to the Lord for this. For if it is well with the city you live in, it will be well with you.” Jeremiah 29:7

It got me thinking.

In four months I will be living in a brand new city. Sure I’ve been praying about this upcoming trip. I’ve been praying for things like:

  • funds to come in at the right time
  • that I wouldn’t be afraid
  • that I would be safe

But have I been praying for Kisumu, the new city that God is graciously sending me to? Nope.

Have I been praying for the people that I will meet? Ya, a bit.

Have I been praying that God would really use me in the city that He is sending me to. No, not really.

Although the things I’ve been praying for have been things that are practical – I need money to get there, and I don’t want to be afraid, and yes I would love it for the Lord to keep me safe. BUT, what good is all of that if I’m not praying for the city He will place me in? What good is it if I receive all the funds I need in order to get there, but I haven’t allowed God to prepare my heart for the work that He is going to do?

Seeing that post on Instagram stopped me in my tracks. By God sending me to Kisumu, He’s allowing me to take part in the great work that has already been started by the Village of Hope. Understanding that it is a privilege to go, not a sacrifice puts things in perspective. Understanding that God has said in His word that we must pray for our city is not something he’s asked of us, but something He’s commanded us to do – no matter where we’ve been placed.

Seeing that post reminded me that God is sending me to a city that has people that are in leadership positions – enforcing laws and rules, people that are broken, people that don’t know Him, people that are longing for relationship – wait, isn’t that everywhere?

My life is not my own. Our lives are not our own. Please join me in praying for Kisumu, and your city that God has placed you in – that through our lives, people would see Jesus and His love for them.

“…for if it is well with the city, it will be well with you”

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